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Picture List 4

Themed and requested picture quizzes.

We first started selling single picture quizzes for customers who didn't need our full pub quiz packages, at first they only wanted the picture quizzes, then they wanted a picture quiz for a Football night then a Cricket evening then a Celebrity picture pack and so on...
So we started to build up a quite a nice little collection of themed picture quizzes.

We will adding to our themed pictures on a regular basis, so please feel free to email us with your requests for any themed quiz ideas.

Quiz Prices - Single Picture Quiz packs £2.00 - Double Quiz packs £3.00 - Triple Quiz packs £5.00

Television and Movies
TV Adverts Triple Pack  
TV Quiz shows
TV Chefs
Seventies Telly
What a Carry On
Dr Who Bonus Pack
TV & Movie Spaceships
Movie Monsters
TV Puppets
TV & Movie Robots
TV & Movie Doctors
TV Cops
Coronation Street Double
Monty Python
TV Comedy UK
Guess the Movies  Lots available
Movie Soldiers

Celebs & Famous People
Distorted Celebs Double
Gay Celeb'sDouble
Michael Jackson
British Prime Ministers Double
Phone Hacking Scandal
No Makeup On  Double
News Headlines - Weekly new
The Three Nations  Triple
The Stand Up Comic 

80's number 1's Double
90's number 1's
The Noughties   

Fictional Characters
Hanna Barbera
Superheroes Double
Disney Characters Triple 

Mixed Bag
Fruit & Veg
Flowers & Herbs
Trees & Shrubs
Dog Breads
Flags of the World
Mystery Animals
Halloween Picture Quiz
Birds of Britain
The Highway Code
The Marine Tank
Pasta Challenge
Serial Killers


Sporting Trophies
Football Club Badges
World Cricket
World Rugby
Tennis Stars Double
Rugby World Cup Double 




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