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Five rounds of 15 MULTI – Themed Quiz Question

  • Round 1 – Movie Night – Sport – Alphabet Soup A
  • Round 2 – Colours – TV Comedy – Alphabet Soup B
  • Round 3 – Hey Girl – Gis A Job- Alphabet Soup C
  • Round 4 – Three – Getting Stoned – Alphabet Soup D
  • Round 5 – How Many – Time To Eat – Alphabet Soup E

plus an Answers Sheet & 2 Picture Quizzes.

This is NOT a Christmas Themed Quiz, What it is, is a fantastic quiz for your family and friends’ seasonal get-together.
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The Pub Quiz People – what makes a good quiz?

Quiz night tips from Peacock Pub Quizzes, kindly take a look at our idea of what makes a good pub quiz night.

In all honesty, we all love to answer questions and recall facts that show off our general knowledge prowess.
So firstly, because of the above statement, let’s agree that the majority of people love a good quiz night.
So starting a quiz night would seem a decent idea.
And by the way, pubs here, there and everywhere are running successful pub quizzes these days.

So as was previously stated, people like to prove how clever they are and they enjoy a quiz.
Well that being the case, we just need to invite these quizzing wannabe superstars to your pub, easy right?
Hmm, well, as has been mentioned, plenty of other places are already hosting pub quiz nights.
So you still need to find a way to attract those lovely people to attend your event.

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Quiz Requirements
Quiz Requirements
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