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The Pub Quiz People – what makes a good quiz?

Welcome to Peacock Pub Quizzes, kindly take a look at our idea of what makes a good pub quiz night.
In all honesty, we all love to answer questions and recall facts that show off our general knowledge prowess.
So firstly, because of the above statement, let’s agree that the majority of people love a good quiz night.
So starting a quiz night would seem a decent idea.
And by the way, pubs here, there and everywhere are running successful pub quizzes these days.

So as was previously stated, people like to prove how clever they are and they enjoy a quiz.
Well that being the case, we just need to invite these quizzing wannabe superstars to your pub, easy right?
Hmm, well, as has been mentioned, plenty of other places are already hosting pub quiz nights.
So you still need to find a way to attract those lovely people to attend your event.

Let’s make a list.

Now admittedly I do not know how to run a successful pub, in all honesty, I’m guessing I’d be hopeless.
BUT, what I do know is what makes for a successful pub quiz night.
So let’s try to take one of your particularly quiet nights and turn it into a popular quiz night.

So to start with you will need to provide a good friendly atmosphere for your new customers.
A great idea during the quiz might be to provide a halftime buffet.
This will certainly encourage your customers to spread the good word about your hospitality.

Secondly, you will require a quiz provider.
Well, being that you are reading this, hopefully, Peacock Quizzes are for you.

Thirdly you need a Quiz Master, that being the case you might as well find a good Quiz Master.
Granted anyone can read a few questions from a quiz sheet.
So you will need to find someone charismatic who can have a bit of banter with the room.

Prizes and Rules

Not surprisingly not everyone in the world is honest as the day is long when it comes to pub quizzes.
Your Quiz Master needs to be in charge, in a friendly but firm manner.
He or she needs to point out at the start of the evening that the use of mobile phones is expressly forbidden.
You don’t want to lose customers as a result of bad feelings.

Now when it comes to prizes, by all means, be as generous as you would like to be.
We suggest modest prizes to discourage “cheating”

The entry fee of say £1 per person should help cover the cost of the buffet and prizes.

Regrettably, there are no instant fixes with quiz nights.
No doubt when you first start your quiz nights you may only attract a few teams.
But as a result of the efforts you have put in I have no doubt, eventually the size of the quiz crowd will grow.
In conclusion, provided that you follow the above tips and directions it should lead to a successful quiz evening.

Have a look around the site for help.

There are a few pages around the site that will help you with any questions you may have.
Our FAQ page is a great place to start.
We have a Quiz Requirement section giving you details of what you need to use our quizzes and how to ensure their timely arrival.

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