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Peacock Quizzes - Single Quiz Pack

Now Available – The Picture Archive

138 Picture Quizzes valued at £414 – That is every themed picture quiz pack from the old site

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  Details of the Single Email Quiz

At Peacock Quizzes we supply you with a professionally made emailed quiz pack that you and your quiz players will love.
If you are having a one-off quiz night at home with your family and friends or you need a weekly pub quiz supplier, then we are the people for you..

Our quiz questions are taken from a variety of topics, which include, general knowledge, history, geography, movies, sports, politics, music, science,  celebrities and much much much more.

Using the Buy Now Button to the right will get you one of the hundreds of quiz packs we have available – We always keep track of every quiz pack you have used so you will never be sent a duplicate quiz!

Over the last year or so we have made our quizzes a little easier to cater for a wider quiz going public

This is what the pub quiz pack looks like.

  • Three rounds of 12 general knowledge quiz questions
  • One 15-Question Joker Round = 3×5 Themed Questions – Double Your Points
  • Three Tie-Breaker questions
  • The Gallery Picture Quiz
  • Snowball/Cash Accumulator Question
  • Answer Sheet

Please feel free to try our quiz sample and our sample picture quiz  here are the picture quiz answers

The Single Quiz Pack

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we keep a record of all the quizzes you have purchased so you never receive the same quiz twice.

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