Payment & Delivery

a few things you need to know

We use PayPal

Making Payment

We have done our best to make paying for your quiz packs as simple and as pain free as possible.
We use Paypal as our Internet banking system, because it’s the easiest and safest system on the internet today.

We use buy now buttons for all our products. You can find the button in the same place for every quiz.
The buttons are found on the left or right hand sidepanel of every quiz product page.
So if you want the latest themed picture quiz you would click on the required page and find the button,
click that and be taken to the Paypal payment section.

If it’s your first time using Paypal you will need to fill out a little form with your details, don’t worry you do not have to join anything.
Returning users just enter their username and password and won’t need to fill out the form again.

Taking Delivery.

We send out your quiz pack via an email attachment.
All you have to do is click on the attachment paperclip to open your quiz which will contain PDF files.
If you have installed your FREE Adobe reader you will be able to simply click on the files to open and print.

Delivery Notice

All quizzes are delivered the same day as you order them.
Orders are checked on a regular basis but should you not receive your quiz pack straight away, it simply means no one was at the pc at that time.
IMPORTANT Quiz Packs are emailed to the address you provided on your PayPal account.
You can still have your quizzes sent to a different address if you would like, there is a place on the order form where you can change your details.

Get a free Adobe Reader

All our quiz packs are saved in PDF format and require an up to date Adobe Reader to view and print them on your home PC. The Adobe Reader is free to download and automatically sets up on your computer.

Click on the following link if you have not yet downloaded your free copy

Get Your Adobe Reader