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Quiz Questions 2022

Translated from Italian, is Pranzo, Breakfast, Lunch or Tea?

Quiz Questions 2022

How many contestants took part in each game on Blockbusters?

Quiz Questions 2022

Which television family lived at 39 Canyon Way?

Quiz Questions 2022

Which singer born in 1940 had the birthname Harry Webb?

Quiz Questions 2022

it’s 1962, the movie is Dr. No, so which actress appeared in the famous white bikini?

A great value for money quiz pack - ideal for all the family

Our Biggest Ever Christmas Quiz Pack!


Five rounds of 15 MULTI – Themed Quiz Question

  • Round 1 – Movie Night – Sport – Alphabet Soup A
  • Round 2 – Colours – TV Comedy – Alphabet Soup B
  • Round 3 – Hey Girl – Gis A Job- Alphabet Soup C
  • Round 4 – Three – Getting Stoned – Alphabet Soup D
  • Round 5 – How Many – Time To Eat – Alphabet Soup E

plus an Answers Sheet & 2 Picture Quizzes.

This is NOT a Christmas Themed Quiz, What it is, is a fantastic quiz for your family and friends’ seasonal get-together.
Five chances to double up on your points this year with our JOKER SECTIONS

Peacock Quizzes – Seasonal Quiz Page

Here at Peacock Quizzes we update our Christmas Quiz every year!
As well as this year’s Festive Quiz we also have another six packs below.
Firstly we need to say that our Christmas Quiz is without doubt  the most popular of our annual quizzes.
Secondly we must explain that the quiz is not just aimed at a pub quiz crowd.
These packs whilst been ideal for your pub quiz are also fantastic for home use with your family and friends.

So sit yourself down, have your Christmas dinner, then afterwards let the quizzing battle commence.

Categories used in our Christmas Quiz Parks are; History, geography, movies, writers, television programs, adverts and fictional characters. In addition to the five rounds of new Christmas quiz question you also get our fantastic Christmas picture quiz

We have over the last few years made all the pub quizzes slightly easier, that been said the festive packs are still tricky enough to challenge even the cleverest of you


The Christmas Quiz Vault – All quizzes are priced at just £4

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Quiz Pack 1

  • Rd 1 – Christmas Trivia
  • Rd 2 – Santa Claus
  • Rd 3 – Christmas Toys
  • Rd 4 – Disciples
  • Rd 5 – Xmas Words

plus answers sheets & the Christmas Picture Quiz

Quiz Pack 2

  • Rd 1 – Christmas Trivia 1
  • Rd 2 – Christmas Trivia 2
  • Rd 3 – Christmas Trivia 3
  • Rd 4 – Santa Claus
  • Rd 5 – Christmas Trivia 4

plus answers sheets & the Christmas Picture Quiz

Quiz Pack 3

  • Rd 1 –Christmas Trivia 1
  • Rd 2 – Band-Aid
  • Rd 3 –Christmas Trivia 2
  • Rd 4 – Word Association
  • Rd 5 –Christmas Trivia 3

plus answers sheets & the Christmas Picture Quiz

Quiz Pack 4

  • Rd 1 – Christmas Location
  • Rd 2 – Christmas Trivia 1
  • Rd 3 – Christmas Words
  • Rd 4 – Christmas Trivia 2
  • Rd 5 – The Christmas Song

plus answers sheets & the Christmas Picture Quiz

Quiz Pack 5

  • Rd 1 – Xmas Knowledge
  • Rd 2 – Festive Links
  • Rd 3 – Christmas No.1’s
  • Rd 4 – “Carols”
  • Rd 5 – Christmas TV

plus answers sheets & the Christmas Picture Quiz

Quiz Pack 6

  • Rd 1 – Xmas Knowledge
  • Rd 2 – Santa Claus
  • Rd 3 – Christmas No.1’s
  • Rd 4 – Word Association
  • Rd 5 – Xmas TV & Movies

plus answers sheets & the Christmas Picture Quiz

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