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 The Weekly Picture Quiz Pack - November 22nd

St Patrick's Pub Quiz

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Having fun at our local weekly pub quiz......


The Smiths Arms in Billingham is my local pub and this is where we hold our weekly quiz. Feel free to pop along any Wednesday night we start at 9pm, you will be greeted with a friendly smile.

I thought it might be a nice idea to share some of our quiz questions with you all. We get between 6 and 11 teams on an average night, we charge only £1 per team with all the proceeds going into our jackpot question.
We cap the Jackpot Question at £200

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montySome Questions from our Quiz Night on Wednesday

In which war did British soldiers first wear balaclavas               
(a) Crimean War

Does Burns’ Night celebrate the birth or death of Robert Burns’             
(a) His Birth

In the famous Month Python ‘Parrot Sketch’, which Python was the shop keeper              
(a)Michael Palin

In which country is the town of the Pied Piper              
(a) Germany

Some Questions from our Quiz Night on Wednesday

Scrat-icon Who was the first prime minister to live at 10 downing street
(a) Sir Robert Walpole

The wood from which tree is traditionally used to made a cricket bat                                                               
(a) Willow

What was Peter Kay’s club owning character name in the TV series Phoenix Nights         
(a)Brian Potter

Which character is forever chasing an acorn in the Ice Age movies        

Some Questions from our Quiz Night on Wednesday

Which former Spice Girl advertised Milky Bars as a childsir          
(a) Emma Bunton

Royal children are christened with water from which river        
(a) River Jordan

Which song starts; Those school girl days of telling tales and biting nails are gone             
(a) To sir with love

Guess the Year; Facebook launched and José Mourinho started his first spell as Chelsea manager            
(a) 2004

sandiSome Questions from our Quiz Night on Wednesday

Which boxer’s nickname was “The Brockton Blockbuster”      
(a) Rocky Marciano

Who had a 1996 hit record with Spaceman
(a)Babylon Zoo

Who was the first woman to have 3 UK number 1 chart hits   
(a) Sandie Shaw

ABC which television series featured Sunnydale High School
a. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. b. Saved by the bell. c. Happy Days                                                                      
(a) a. Buffy

Some Questions from our Quiz Night on Wednesday

Which actor played Professor Donald Kessler in the 1996 movie Mars Attcks  puds 
(a)Pierce Brosnan

In the news this week; which MP lost their seat for Morley and Outwood during the 2015 election          
(a) Ed Balls

“There’s no business like show business” is an Irving Berlin song from which musical     
(a) Annie Get Your Gun

Over which eye does Pudsey Bear wear his spotted bandage 
(a) Right

Some Questions from our Quiz Night on Wednesday

Who did Frank Bruno defeat to become boxing’s World Heavyweight Champion               

(a) Oliver McCall
In the news this week; which Inspector was the most famous creation of Ruth Rendell who died this week        
(a)Inspector Wexford

Which is the fastest creature used in racing sports   
(a) Pigeon

Lack of sunlight causes a deficiency of which Vitamin              
(a) Vitamin D

Some Questions from our Quiz Night on Wednesday hp

What does the HP stand for in Heinz’s HP sauce            
(a) Houses of Parliament

 Starring Pierce Brosnan what was the first James Bond movie of the nineties
(a) Goldeneye

Which song starts; You light, the skies up above me, a star so bright you blind me, don't close your eyes don't fade away
(a) Rule the World – Take That

With which drink is stilton cheese traditionally served              
(a) Port


Some Questions from our Quiz Night on Wednesday

Which two national teams were playing in a Fifa World Cup qualifier in March 2007 when the chant from the crowd was “Deep fry yer pizzas, we're gonna deep fry yer pizzas” tintin
(a) Scotland v Italy

Which song contains the line; I was just a skinny lad, never knew no good from bad but I knew love before I left my nursery
(a) Fat Bottomed Girls

In the news this week; the queen celebrated which birthday this week
(a) 89th

Who first appeared in a 1930 comic strip entitled “In the land of the Soviets”
(a) Tintin


Some Questions from our Quiz Night on Wednesday

On which animal would you use a curry combbruce
(a) HorseWho was the famous murder victim in New York City’s, Hotel Chelsea in 1978 
(a)Nancy Spungen

Which sea lies between Ireland and Cornwall             
(a) Celtic Sea

In the news this week; Viv Nicholson who died this week aged 79, became famous in 1961 for saying she would Spend Spend Spend her £152,000 Pools win, which celebrity presenter her with the cheque                             
(a) Bruce Forsyth


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