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St Patrick's Pub Quiz

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Having fun at our local weekly pub quiz......


The Smiths Arms in Billingham is my local pub and this is where we hold our weekly quiz. Feel free to pop along any Wednesday night we start at 9pm, you will be greeted with a friendly smile.

I thought it might be a nice idea to share some of our quiz questions with you all. We get between 6 and 11 teams on an average night, we charge only £1 per team with all the proceeds going into our jackpot question.
We cap the Jackpot Question at £200

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Some Questions from our Quiz Night in 2016

This weeks themed round - David Bowie

1] David Bowie changed his name to avoid confusion with whom?  
2] Where was David Bowie born?
3] What was the title of David Bowies final album which was released just before his death?
4] What was the title of the theme tune to the 1982 movie Cat People?
5] What was the name of David Bowies supermodel wife?
6] With whom did Bowie duet on the hit “Dancing in the streets”?
7] David Bowie played Philip Jeffries in which TV series?
8] What was the title of the first of four number 1s in the 1980’s for David Bowie?
9] Which “J” was the name of David Bowies King of the Goblins in the fantasy movie Labyrinth?
10] On which album cover did David Bowie wear a dress?
11] By what name is son of David Bowie, Zowie Bowie now known?
12] In which movie did David Bowie play the character John Blaylock?


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