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Welcome to Peacock Pub Quizzes, here you will find hundreds of professionally made pub quizzes.
Our quiz packs are suitable for all quizzing skill levels, From the quiz newbie to the quizzing Mastermind.
Perfect for your weekly pub quiz or sat in your home entertaining family and friends.
If you are a buyer who just requires one quiz every now and then, we have a single quiz priced at £4.
Or you maybe buying for a pub that needs a quiz every week of the year. Well you may want to try our savings section with our 5 for 4 pack priced at £16.

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We would encourage you find time to visit our Product Page and the Quiz Night Tips Page plus other pages throughout the site. We have a FAQ section if you need any information about buying or printing your quizzes.
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The Single Quiz Pack

Find details of our £4 single quiz pack and how we guarantee you never get the same quiz twice

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Money Saving Offer

With our 5 for the price of 4 quiz offer priced at just £16 you save cash every week of the year

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Quiz Requirements
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The Pub Quiz People – what makes a good quiz?

Here at Peacock Pub Quizzes we have nearly 20 years experience of quiz making.
Kindly take at look at our idea of what we think  makes a good pub quiz night.
In all honesty we all love to answer questions and recall facts that show off our general knowledge prowess.
So firstly, because of the above statement, let’s agree that the majority of people love a good quiz night.
So starting a quiz night would seems a decent idea.
And by the way, pubs here, there and everywhere are running successful pub quizzes these days.

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